Monday, January 2, 2012

Color a Future Page of King of the Pill

For this future page of King of the Pill, I am inviting YOU to color this drawing and submit it to me. Every colored submission will be compiled into one animated gif page. Your name (and link if you wish) will be credited to the page. If you are interested, right click and save the image below and color it. Then e-mail me it to me at: william.hessian @

This page, featuring artwork from all those that submit, will appear as part of the story. I will not be revealing which day this panel will be published so get your submissions in early if you want to make sure to be included:

King of the Pill is a family friendly web comic. A PG rated web comic. A web comic that is safe for the kids to read. King of the Pill is a daily web comic. New panel up every single day. Goofy, fun, colorful and full of fun surprises. Read King of the Pill today!


  1. 15 submissions in by January 18! Great job. Keep them coming!

  2. over 30 submissions have been submission still a couple weeks until this panel enters the story. submit yours today.